Step-Off Mat System Kit


The Centers for Disease Control suggest that viruses like COVID-19 can be carried on shoes and boots. Sanitation Station’s antimicrobial mats add an extra line of defense to the Sanitation Station process. With the ability to be situated in a horizontal or vertical layout, these mats are ideal for use in industrial centers, food processing facilities, hospitals, fitness centers, grocery stores or any space where there is a concern for the transmission of viruses through foot traffic. Assemble your step-off mat system individually or by purchasing our convenient kit. Kit features include:

  • (1) 18”x 26” neutralizing tray
  • (4) mat inserts for tray
  • (2) 3’x 5’ step-off runner mats

The tray should be filled with 1/2 gallon of a non-sudsing quaternary solution (such as all-purpose sanitizing cleaner) that is appropriate for your location.