Custom Designed Sanitation Station


Price includes the Sanitation Station kit of your choice, plus a $150 art charge.

Keep your customers and employees safe while showcasing your brand with Sanitation Station’s custom designed unit! An option for our indoor and all-weather units, a custom design for your Sanitation Station gives your business the opportunity to stand out while helping customers make a tangible connection between your brand and their safety. Custom-designed units are also ideal for sponsor advertising opportunities!

Sanitation Station features:

  • Heavy Duty Customizable Stand
  • Corrugated plastic kickplate and Tray
  • Center pull wipe dispenser
  • Commercial grade stainless steel hand sanitizer pump (est. 2,900 pumps per gallon)
  • Extended Hose with weighted filter to get every ounce
  • Corrugated Plastic lid for durability
  • Trim and Support pieces to add additional strength and aesthetics

Sanitation Station Starter Kits contain:

Sanitation Station Full Kits contain:

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