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A Quick List of Places to Use Sanitation Station

Safety remains one of the most pressing priorities for us all. That means staying healthy should be as simple as possible! Fortunately, you can prioritize your wellness—and the wellness of those around you—with the convenient Sanitation Station. Even better, this helpful invention fits in anywhere—like those on this list of places to use Sanitation Station.

Office Buildings

Though some of us are working from home right now, others still make the daily commute. Greet your employees and coworkers with a thoughtful Sanitation Station!

Retail Stores

Customers and employees can go about their days with peace of mind with one little change: adding Sanitation Station to your store. We even customize them to match your branding!


Who’s hungry? Before you dig in—or serve up a plate—you have to make sure your hands are clean. After all, it’s one of the first lessons we learn as children. With options like sanitizing wipes and foam, you can ensure that you bring clean hands to the table.

Medical Offices

You make the continued good health of others possible. You also deserve the same consideration. So, welcome Sanitation Station to the team!


Earn an A+ in public safety with our revolutionary product. It’s ideal for students, building employees, and teachers of any level of education.

Public Buildings

We all value our wellness! From libraries, to town halls, to fire stations, every public building can benefit from Sanitation Station.


No one is too busy to care about his or her own health. Show the employees at your warehouse that you have their wellbeing in mind. Sanitation Station is quick and convenient—and our touchless pumps are completely hands-free for the busiest bees among us.


Each day, you contribute to the production of something new. Let us bring something just as innovative to the forefront!

Entertainment and Sports Venues

Play ball! Or see a movie. Or game at the arcade. You can have fun without worry when we’re on the scene. As a stand-alone product, Sanitation Station is especially useful for outdoor venues (like community festivals or concerts) where there may not be a space to place hand sanitizer otherwise.

Museums and Galleries

Museums let us discover iconic art, fascinating history, and incredible science. Another thing they can teach us is how to stay healthy with Sanitation Station!


Hotels act as a home away from home. They’re also one of the many places to use Sanitation Station. Your guests and employees will appreciate the consideration!


At the bank, we all know the definition of a good value. Safe, simple, and convenient—our products certainly fit the bill.

Public Parks

Going for a jog. Taking the dog out to play. Letting your children go down the slide. Public parks offer a chance to unwind—but they also are filled with countless visitors. Luckily, everyone can take measures to protect the community’s health with Sanitation Station.


From large chains, to local businesses, to anywhere in between, Sanitation Station fits in perfectly. If you’re in charge of one of the many places to use Sanitation Station—and don’t have one to call your own—we can help! In fact, we can even create a custom-branded design just for you. Get started here. You can also read up on how to make the most of your Sanitation Station on our blog.