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8 Winter Events that Need Sanitation Station

What goes hand-and-hand with the holidays? Get-togethers! But first, check out our list of winter events that need Sanitation Station so you can be ready to safely celebrate throughout the holiday season.

Holiday Markets

There are fun holiday markets full of unique, specialty gifts happening all around us this time of year.

Keep your vendors and visitors alike happy with easy-to-spot Sanitation Stations strategically placed throughout your market space.

Winter Festivals and Parades

Crowds and more crowds! While festivals and parades are usually outdoor events, the public still needs clean hands.

Add in the wipes for a complete one-stop sanitizing shop. They are great for quickly wiping down items like your phones and bags.

Personal Parties and Family Gatherings

Here are two types of winter events that need Sanitation Station in a smaller form. For instance, our Foam in a Box is perfect for table tops and counter tops too.

Plus, with custom design, you can add a fun twist to any personal party or family gathering. Pick out pictures of the gang throughout the years and get the memories flowing like our effective hand sanitizing foam!

Charity Events

Start the spirit of giving off at your charity event when you protect yours and everyone’s health with our products.

5K Fundraisers

Running is a hands-on activity when it comes to 5K fundraisers. There are organizers, volunteers, participants, sponsors and cheering crowds.

Whether you want wipes and gel, wipes and foam, just gel or foam, we’ve got you! Furthermore, it’s a good way to engage community partners through Sanitation Station sponsorships.

Office Parties

Get ready to celebrate with your coworkers! Surprise your office with a stand-out gift—a Sanitation Station.

Before shaking hands, back slapping and eating finger foods, quickly get your hands clean with one pump of sanitizer.

Winter Weddings

Calling all brides dreaming of a winter wonderland wedding! Make sure you and your guests stay healthy through the hugs and congratulations with convenient hand sanitizing stations.

Or, if you are planning on going to a wedding, consider it as gift idea. From Mr. and Mrs. in a heart to pictures of the happy couple, the possibilities are endless with our customization opportunities!

Winter Retreats

From church retreats to clubs to corporations, team building this time of year takes an “all in” approach. Protect the masses with a variety of our hand sanitizing products.

Tabletop Foam in a Box options are good for quick access at sign-ins and food and drink tables. The all-weather Sanitation Station is convenient for entryways, hallways, lobbies and outside the bathrooms—just to name a few.


Have questions? Be sure to visit our FAQs page. Then, feel free to contact us to talk about what might work best for your event. We can even help you place your order! Discover more ways we can work for you by reading through our other blogs!