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8 Ideas for Sponsorship Opportunities Using Sanitation Station

Sanitation Station believes in partnership and teamwork. It takes a committed team to keep public safety a top priority. That’s why we wanted to share creative ideas for sponsorship opportunities using Sanitation Station.

Live music is back!

Concerts mean crowds—even if venues limit capacity. People are ready to hear live music again!

And they still want quick, easy access to sanitizing stations. Stand out among the crowd when you sponsor a custom-designed Sanitation Station for a music act that’s coming to town!

Play ball!

Sports are in full swing. Whether it’s little league or the big leagues, there are plenty of local sporting events happening now. Get involved and show your support in a unique way.

After all, sports are hands-on, so providing easy hand sanitizing opportunities is a game changer!

Festivals, arts and crafts, farmers markets, rodeos and more!

The ideas for sponsorship opportunities using Sanitation Station are endless! If your community is hosting any kind of special event that is likely to draw a crowd, think “opportunity.”

Connect with customers at trade shows.

Trade shows present the perfect professional opportunity to put your brand in front of a target market. For example, if there’s a lawn and garden trade show and you are a landscaper, sponsor a Sanitation Station!


We think any season is a good season to get married, but typically it peaks in the spring and summer. Wedding planning takes time and lots of specialties from venues to flowers to cakes to catering and more.

Invest in your own custom-designed Sanitation Station and when you work a wedding, set it up as a “bonus” gift for the bride and groom!

Meet and greets.

From ribbon cuttings to new business nights, the Chamber and other civic organizations often host small “meet and greets” with city leaders and community members.

Be a part of the community in a memorable way by sponsoring a highly-visible Sanitation Station!

Kick it out of the park at field days!

Here is one of the ideas for sponsorship opportunities using Sanitation Station that will get lots of attention! Kids get messy, and parents volunteer at field days.

Any business is a good business to partner with local elementary schools. Now is the time to offer your branded Sanitation Station for use during the popular end-of-the-year celebratory festivities.

Plus, other fundraisers throughout the year also present an opportunity to connect with potential customers.

Grocery stores.

Last but not least, we suggest asking your local grocery store if you can sponsor a convenient Sanitation Station for their store. Strategically placing various sponsored stations throughout the store instead of just the entrance is a good way to keep shoppers happy.


As you can see, the possibilities are endless! It all starts with placing your order and then submitting your art to customize the design! Find out more about Sanitation Station—including ways to customize your artwork—by reading our blogs!