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7 Summer Events That Need Sanitation Station

Summer is heating up! With people getting together in-person more and more, we can think of a host of summer events that need Sanitation Station. Hand sanitizing is still a top defense when it comes to protecting yours and everyone’s health.

Concerts and Live Music Festivals

Music lovers everywhere are excited to have access to live music once again. While concerts and festivals may be gearing up slowly and opting for outdoor venues, hand sanitizing needs to be easily accessible.

Hence, Sanitation Station to the rescue! With the all-in-one Sanitation Station, concert goers will be able to groove freely knowing their health is still a priority. Options include the hands-free pump or manual. Festival organizers may also want to include a few stations that have sanitizing wipes too.

Farmers Markets

They’re back! It’s the season of farmers markets. Locally-sourced fruits, vegetables and other handmade products are in demand more than ever. Let guests move around booths and select fresh produce confidently with strategically-placed hand sanitizing stations throughout the market.

Summer Camps

This is one of those summer events that need Sanitation Station in abundance! What goes hand-in-hand? Kids and messy hands! Keep it simple for active children at any sort of summer camp with strategically-placed Sanitation Stations.

Food and Beverage Festivals

As far as summer events that need Sanitation Station, food and beverage festivals are a no-brainer! Guests will be using their hands frequently to sample the tasty treats available at food and beverage festivals.

From cook-offs to wine tastings, summer is the season to get outdoors, eat, drink and be merry! Do so with ease with multiple Sanitation Stations throughout the festival. Some vendors may even want to have their own Foam in a Box tabletop option!

Arts and Crafts Festivals

Again, arts and crafts draw a crowd. This makes these outdoor events perfect for Sanitation Station and convenient hand sanitizing!

Vacation Bible School and Church Functions

Summer means Vacation Bible School, which means volunteers and kids. Make clean hands, and even surfaces, a must with Sanitation Station. Plus, when both wipes and sanitizing foam or gel are in reach, sanitizing stays top of mind!

Fourth of July Celebrations

Communities everywhere are preparing for Fourth of July celebrations this year. Help residents relax and enjoy the show with Sanitation Station in high traffic areas.


Each of these summer events offer the perfect opportunity to work with community partners! Working together to protect public health and put your product in front of the right audience is a win-win. Sanitation Station offers custom design and branding. To find out more about Sanitation Station—from the product to custom designs—click here.

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