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7 Fast Facts About Foam in a Box

Public health and safety remains a top priority. Sanitation Station continues to promote easy access to sanitizing tools while in public; however, one product you may be unfamiliar with is the handy Foam in a Box. With these fast facts about Foam In A Box, you’ll be a fast fan!

It has a smaller footprint than the Sanitation Station.

Foam in a Box offers an easy hand sanitizing solution for those less spacious, yet high-traffic, common areas. For example, at 12″ x 6.25″ x 6.25″, it is the perfect size for a countertop at the point of sale. It takes up less precious real estate, but still offers quick access to foam hand sanitizer.

Still fits a gallon of sanitizer!

So, it is true. Big things do come in small packages! Even with a smaller footprint, Foam in Box holds a gallon of sanitizer. That is the same size as the Sanitation Station indoor and all-weather units. One of our favorite facts about Foam in a Box is the sanitizer is interchangeable with our other products!

Foam in a Box offers various pump options.

Different situations might need different solutions. That’s why this fast fact is a good one! Foam in a Box has two pump styles to fit your needs. Whether a manual pump or USB touchless pump works best is up to you.

There are two sanitizer options.

Take your pick once again. When ordering the Foam in a Box kit, choose between non-alcohol foaming sanitizer or 65% alcohol foaming sanitizer.

Custom designs are available.

Did you know the Foam in a Box was a multi-tasker? Utilize the box to promote your brand! From simple designs showing off your logo to more complex designs sharing a slogan, we can create your next favorite branding element! Click here to find out more.

You can also order a heavy-duty stand.

Foam in a Box can be securely mounted to a heavy-duty stand, fully-welded with a weighted base. This expands the reach and set-up of the Foam in a Box. For example, it offers another option for smaller entryways or narrow halls.

Additional signage attachments are available as well, rounding out branding efforts.

It is made of all-weather material.

Just like the Sanitation Station, Foam in a Box is durable. It can be used indoors or outdoors as needed.


To sum it up, you get the same convenient benefits with Foam in a Box as you do with Sanitation Station. You provide a service to the public by offering access to sanitizing supplies. Your company, event, sponsor message and branding becomes highly visible. In turn, your brand is linked to overall health and wellness!

Order your Foam in a Box, or shop our selection of other Sanitation Station products here.