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7 Ways to Customize Your Sanitation Station Artwork

You want every person that steps into your business or event to feel a sense of safety and security. This philosophy speaks strongly of your brand’s identity. It also sets up a good impression—one you want to cement into your customers’ minds. Fortunately, with all the ways to customize your Sanitation Station artwork, we can help that association come to fruition.

Sponsor Branding

Putting out your Sanitation Station for a multi-sponsor event, like a race or a festival? We can incorporate multiple logos onto your Sanitation Station. That way, they can all represent the presence of safety and consideration to your visitors!

Nice and Simple

Some of us prefer it simple. No problem! One of the ways to customize your Sanitation Station artwork uses your logo, contact info, and a solid color for a clean look.


We offer options! Simple graphic icons can show directional cues like an arrow pointing to the bathroom, an instructional depiction, icons relevant to the nature of your business and more.

Text Only

Another modest yet effective choice! If you want your Sanitation Station to display only the text you choose, our designers will make it happen.

High-Resolution Photography

Glossy, striking, and vibrant—product photography stands out of the crowd! Not to mention, it will give your visitors a sense of what your brand offers. Let your Sanitation Station represent you and your business or event in the best light.

Combo of Logo and Photography

Like the idea of using high-res photography and your logo? We can do it! This is one of our favorites among the ways to customize your Sanitation Station artwork.

Holiday or Seasonal Designs

You can change your Sanitation Station with the seasons! After all, good public health matters every month. From spring options decorated with floral imagery, to offerings displaying winter holidays, we can easily customize any purchase to seasonal specifics.

Ask and You Shall Receive

Don’t see your idea on here? All you need to do is make a custom request with us!


Your brand, your identity and your love for your customers. We can tie them all together! Show off just who you are with these cool ways to customize your Sanitation Station artwork.

Want to order your own custom-designed Sanitation Station? Visit our site here. You can also check out our photo gallery and our videos page to see various options in action. Finally, to learn more about the products we offer, scroll through our informative blog.