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10 FAQs About Sanitation Station

It’s your health—and we take it seriously! We offer products you can trust. And just to prove it, we’ll go through some of the FAQs about Sanitation Station to make your experience even easier. Let’s get started!

Q. Do I need to buy any extra add-ons?

A. Nope! Each Sanitation Station and Foam in a Box unit comes with all the supplies you’ll need.

Q. What does each Sanitation Station unit include?

A. When you buy your Sanitation Station unit, you’ll get:

Q. Do you have a smaller option?

A. Yes! We also offer Foam in a Box. It comes with a gallon of non-alcohol foaming sanitizer or 65% alcohol foaming sanitizer, as well as a USB or manual pump. You can also buy a heavy-duty mounted stand for convenient access.

Q. Can I order a customized model?

A. Absolutely! We can customize your Sanitation Station or Foam in a Box. From seasonal designs, to brand-new creations, to personal branding, we can handle it all. We’ll even show you a proof, so you can decide when we’ve best captured your idea.

Q. How much does customization cost?

A. We charge a one-time $50 fee for customized designs. From then on, you can order that customized design on any Sanitation Station or Foam in a Box without extra charges.

Q. How long does it take to put together my Sanitation Station?

A. This is one of the biggest FAQs about Sanitation Station—and we think you’ll like the answer. It only take a few minutes to set up your unit!

Q. How many pumps does the average gallon of sanitizer offer?

A. If you buy in bulk, you know you’re getting good value for a lower price. In this case, you’ll get approximately 2,900 pumps per gallon!

Q. What do I do if I need a refill?

A. We’ve got you! Visit our shop and order the refill supplies you need.

Q. What sanitizing products can I choose from?

A. You can choose from several different sanitizing products, depending on whether or not you’ve purchased Sanitation Station or Foam in a Box. They are:

  • Sanitizing wipes;
  • Gel hand sanitizer with a 70 percent isopropyl alcohol formula;
  • DAB non-alcohol foaming hand sanitizer; and
  • Foaming hand sanitizer with a 65 percent alcohol formula.

Q. Where can I use Sanitation Station or Foam in a Box?

A. The short answer: everywhere! From warehouses, to your store, to the office, to public events, there are so many places where you can use Sanitation or Foam in a Box.


Now that we’ve answered your FAQs about Sanitation Station, it’s time to take the next step: making an order. Whether you want to go custom, get a standard model, or pick out your Foam in a Box, get started here. Finally, you can also learn more about the options we have to offer on our blog.