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About Sanitation Station

Sanitation Station is a convenient way to ensure one of the main defenses against the spread of disease: staying sanitized while in public. With health and safety concerns paramount, Sanitation Station comes outfitted to meet this need. The station offers quick dispensing of sanitation supplies, from wipes to liquids. Plus, it’s an easily identifiable marker to protect your health and everyone else.

With public health concerns at the front of mind, all of us are striving to find the balance between staying safe and healthy and going about our daily lives.

That’s where Sanitation Station comes in.

The burden on business owners right now is to instill confidence in their customers that they can safely return to public places. As businesses continue reopening, it is critical that brands prove that they are invested in keeping their brick-and-mortar spaces (and in turn, their customers and employees) safe and clean. The bottom line is, unless customers feel safe, they are not coming back to do business. Adding Sanitation Station to your place of business shows that your brand is dedicated to protecting the health of your employees and customers.

The environments where Sanitation Station succeeds can’t be undervalued. As a convenient and recognizable hygiene hub, people can heed the call to help protect everyone’s health in everyday places: the grocery store, the gym, while at work—the list goes on.

Plus, the station reduces the chance of contamination not only because of its products, but by its placement as well. With the ability to exist in entryways, lobbies and virtually anywhere throughout public spaces, worries regarding hand-to-surface contact diminish with Sanitation Station.


Your brand reflects who you are and what you stand for—and in the COVID-19 era, communicating that to your customers has never been more important. Sanitation Station offers branding versatility by providing space for logos, copy and any imagery significant to your identity. In this sense, Sanitation Station serves a dual purpose: as a public health and safety measure and spotlight to your brand’s efforts in helping curb contamination.

Sanitation Station is also ideal for events and trade shows. Instead of utilizing traditional signage, trade show organizers can market custom printed Sanitation Stations to tradeshow partners to help offset the cost of sanitizing patrons while attending the show.

Benefits of branding with Sanitation Station include:

  • High visibility in public settings
  • Unique way to attract customers to your message
  • Display your company’s logo, website, phone number, etc.
  • A great way to promote your brand during events and trade shows

Custom designed units are now available! For more information, visit our Custom Design page.

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Sanitation Station Unit
Foam in a Box

Available in indoor and all-weather versions to best meet your needs, Sanitation Station is designed with convenience in mind. It’s outfitted to complete its purpose, hassle-free. The product:

  • Conveniently ships flat as a kit with a heavy-duty stand that erects into Sanitation Station
  • Provides hygiene and sanitation supplies to commercial patrons and visitors to public places
  • Offers multiple spots for messaging and branding collateral as well as instructional materials
  • Allows for ample customization
  • Instills a sense of confidence in customers that every safety precaution is being taken seriously

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